360° VR Playground Game

Edenred is a digital platform for services and payments that supports daily activities for professionals worldwide. Operating in 45 countries, it connects 60 million users with 2 million partner merchants through nearly 1 million client companies.

Edenred provides specialized payment solutions for food (such as meal vouchers), motivation (including gift cards and employee engagement platforms), mobility (covering multi-energy solutions, maintenance, tolls, parking, and mobility), and professional payments (such as virtual cards).

In the immersive VR game of Edenred, players find themselves immersed in a futuristic cityscape. They are invited to initiate the experience and explore clickable zones representing themes like Food, Mobility, and Well-being. These zones offer interactive mini-games related to Edenred’s offerings, such as meal vouchers, transportation solutions, and wellness benefits. Additionally, players can use the virtual wallet feature to manage their transactions and rewards within the game world.

I was invited to collaborate as Graphic & Motion Designer.


AGENCY: Overlap
WORK:  Graphic & Motion Designer / 2D & 3D Animation / Compositing
2023 Paris